This year we want to limit the experience to 10 people in order to have the chance to work individually with Sensei.

Reservations will be registered by inscription order.

The fee for the whole intensive (5 sessions) is 130 € that must be paid, in any case, before the event. The payment of the full fee secures your place in the intensive.

You can reserve your spot by the payment of 65 €. Once inscriptions are closed, the remaining fee must be payed to secure the place, or it will become free to be occupied by people in the waiting list.

Cancellation of the event will entail the return of the paid fees. The fees will not be reimbursed for any other reason.


Send the fee along with your full name and the reference “yanagiryu-04-2018” via PayPal to Please be sure to indicate that you are sending money to a friend, and not paying for a service, in order to avoid unnecesary transfer fees.

If you don’t own a PayPal account, or preffer not to use it, please get in touch with us to arrange accordingly.